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How do you Remove Squirrels in the Attic?

How do you Remove Squirrels in the Attic?

So, you’ve suspected that a squirrely animal has attempted to make its home in your home.  If it is a squirrel, you’ll likely hear most of the racket in your attic during dusk and dawn hours.  They’ll typically stay outdoors during the middle of the day, but as temps get lower, that’s when they will choose to camp out in your attic, occasionally gnawing or scratching to shape their little adobe in the attic.

Now, it is worth noting that if you have a flying squirrel in your attic, you will notice activity mostly during the night, as they are nocturnal.  These are very social animals and if they find their way into your attic, you might end up with a whole family taking up residence.

Tell-tale Signs of Squirrels Nesting

If you aren’t sure that those scratches you hear in the attic are from a squirrel making itself home, then check to see if there is any fair odors that could resemble the musk and residual smells left by urine and feces.  Squirrels are cute, but they still live like animals, denoting a corner of the attic as their own personal bathroom.  If you are able to have a look around up there, you should be able to spot their nesting if they’ve been up there long enough.  They will build a sizeable pile made out of small branches, leaves, moss, and even insulation from your attic.

Tracking Squirrel Behavior Patterns

A squirrel may work alone or in a team to get to your attic space. On the off chance that working in a team, these squirrels will work in tandem.  Amid the night hours, squirrels will for the most part work from within to make their entrances. They will probably have two secure focuses: one passage gap and one exit. Fixing these gaps won’t dissuade a squirrel from returning! They will make more gaps if left alone again.

Squirrels move into upper spaces when the climate begins to cool. They will need to get ready for the Winter, which means lots of preparation and feeding. Since squirrels mate in the Winter and create give birth by the end of Spring, that’s when they will be looking for opportunities to move into unsuspecting homeowner’s attics. When they do give birth, they’ll typically have about three or four offspring, with a potential for more in the summer.

Kicking out Squirrels for Good

If you feel like taking matters in your own hands and not calling an animal control service, then keep reading.  Now, unless you want a multi-year long war waged against squirrels, you have to have a plan to kick them out and keep them out.  The first thing you should do is survey your roof, take a look at all the ways that squirrels might be able to reach an easy access point and begin their entry into the attic.  Overgrown tree branches are the biggest cause for squirrel invasions, so take care to keep your limbs trimmed.  Other objects to keep an eye out for are bird feeders, garbage cans, basketball hoop stands, and flag poles.

Eviction Day

It should be noted that squirrels who have made their home inside your attic will treat it like it is their home, so before popping your head up there, be very careful, there could be an angry encounter with a mom protect its young that will not be pretty.  First, make a bunch of noise at the attic door, then pop it open and shine a flashlight first before ascending through the entryway.  Now, you can effectively survey the attic and figure out where they are congregating.  Next, you can start taking steps to seal up the holes that the squirrels have made.  Remember, there will likely be two, one enter and one exit.  Next, clean up any and all evidence they may have left behind.  You want to do a sweep for fecal matter and then go over the spots with a good citrus-based cleaner.

Lastly, if you want to be extremely thorough about this cleaning, you can form a strong scented barrier by placing down scented drier sheets where they originally tried to make their home.  If any squirrels ever decided to pull some heroic dig and tried getting back in, one whiff of those drier sheets will cause them reconsider.