About Us

America's Largest Wildlife Control Organization

There may be hundreds of our wildlife removal experts out in the field, but each and every one operates by our universal standards. When you call any one of our 1500+ branches, you speak with the wildlife professional in your area, not with an automated, difficult-to-understand call center. Though each wildlife removal expert operates his or her own operation, each and every one of our members:


  • Is fully licensed by the state wildlife commission
  • Carries liability insurance
  • Is up-to-date on the latest and safest removal procedures
  • Has extensive home repair knowledge and experience
  • Specializes in biohazard/attic clean-up and decontamination
  • Treats wildlife in a humane manner
  • Is available 24/7 by cell phone for wildlife emergencies
  • Arrives on time to previously scheduled appointments
  • Treats customers the way they want to be treated

Our company was founded on the principle that humans and wild animals can live in harmony--sometimes they just need a little help. The moment one of our technicians arrives, "problem areas" of the home and property are identified and fixed, decreasing any temptation to critters looking for an easy shelter. Depending on the animal issue at hand, removal may take a day or a week or longer, but all animals are handled with the respect and care they deserve. Though lethal methods are sometimes necessary, our technicians are trained to use the most painless, efficient methods available.

Because customer satisfaction has been a core value of Wildlife Removal USA from the beginning, we also offer cleanup services for homes where feces, urine and animal carcasses pose a potential health issue. The area is thoroughly disinfected, waste is removed, and any odors generated by furry invaders are neutralized with the most environmentally-friendly products available.

Wildlife Removal USA was developed because there is an urgent need for wildlife-human intervention. As the country's population grows, the more humans encroach on territory that was once wild animals'. The more we expand, the more likely we are to encounter wild animals in our daily lives, and the more likely they are to try and share our spaces with us. Wildlife Removal USA teaches homeowners how to seal up their properties, discouraging animal visitors from becoming animal residents.