Dead Animals

Problems Caused By Dead Animals

There are a variety of different problems that can be caused by dead animals, and one of the most obvious is probably what will let you know that there is a dead animal present near your home. The scent that a decaying animal will produce can be quite unpleasant, and even a relatively small animal that has passed away can produce quite a stench, especially if the animal has died indoors. Finding and removing an animal carcass is not an easy job if you aren’t used to the work, and it can take some time and patience to discover the exact spot where the animal has died.

Another issue that can be caused by dead animals is if you can smell the odor of decay, then it’s almost certain that other animals will also be able to smell this. The result of this is that it can attract other animals that will eat carrion to your property, which can then cause further animal problems around the home. There are also certain diseases that can be transmitted from dead animals, including from the fleas and ticks they may have carried.

Prevention Methods

One of the most common situations in which you will find dead animals around your home, is if they have been drawn to the area searching for food, and then become trapped. Good hygiene practice around the home when it comes to disposing and storing of garbage can really help to reduce the chances of this happening. Making sure that you dispose of food waste properly, either using a waste disposal unit or putting it into a food waste bin with a tight seal is a good move. When you are storing garbage, try to keep this in a garbage can or dumpster with a lid, to minimize the spread of any food scent that could attract pest animals.

Another reason that can lead to dead animals being present in or around your property is if you or a company that you have hired have tried to use poison to deal with an animal infestation. Poison is an unpredictable solution to animal problems, and can lead to rats or other pest animals dying in the attic, wall cavities or other areas around the home. So try to avoid using poison when it comes to dealing with animal problems.

Removing Dead Animals Professionally

If you are struggling to find the spot where the dead animal may be located in your home, or you don’t want to get too close, then many animal removal experts will also offer a service to remove dead animals. Depending on the size of the carcass, they will often look to place the carcass into a sealed container to be transported to an area where it can be disposed of safely. Larger carcasses can require a trailer or other equipment to move, depending on how much the carcass has decayed.

Animal removal experts will have the necessary protective equipment to deal with an animal carcass safely, and will know where the local authority or companies are located that can incinerate the dead animal. You local animal removal expert can also offer a sanitation service, if the animal has died within the home.

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