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Allstate Animal Control provides professional animal removal services in Butte, Montana. We specialize in solving conflicts between people and unwanted pest animals. We commonly remove raccoons, squirrels, skunks, rats, snakes, and more. Allstate Animal Control is fully licensed and insured in Montana. We pride ourselves on our wild animal expertise, and our customer service. Our prices are competitive. To get a free price quote over the phone, call any time, 24-7-365. We operate 7 days a week and always answer our phone. Every animal removal job is different, so we will learn about your critter problem, and give you a price over the phone, and schedule what is usually a same-day or next-day appointment. Call us at 406-551-7252.

Allstate Animal Control Pest Animal Removal

Location: Butte, Montana
Phone: 406-551-7252
Email: butte@wildlifeanimalpest.com

Montana is home to several nuisance wildlife species. We at are experts in dealing with the common (and uncommon) critter problems here in Butte. Here are just a few examples of the types of pest animal situations we routinely encounter :

  • A family of squirrels living in the attic
  • A skunk living under a shed or porch
  • Opossums eating pet food or from garbage cans
  • A colony of bats living in a building
  • A rat or mouse infestation in a house
  • A dead animal odor inside a wall
  • Moles digging tunnels in the yard
  • Raccoons living in the ceiling
  • Pigeons roosting on ledges
  • A dangerous snake in the yard
  • And many more!

Give us a call any time at 406-551-7252 to talk about your pest animal situation. No two cases are exactly alike, but with over 10 years of experience, Allstate Animal Control is equipped to handle it all!

Allstate Animal Control has been voted Butte's best wildlife control company! We are not a regular pest control company. We don't handle insects - we specialize in only animals. We offer:

  • Fast service and same-day appointments
  • Full house and attic inspections
  • Wildlife damage repair and prevention
  • Animal waste cleanup and attic restoration
  • Dead animal removal and odor control
  • Permanent rodent mouse or rat elimination
  • 100% effective solutions for bats or birds
  • Free price estimates. Fully Montana licensed and insured.

We do plenty of simple wildlife control jobs, but we are fully equipped to handle every aspect of your wildlife situation from start to finish.  From our 24-point inspection process, to professional-grade home repairs, to sanitation, we provide a complete solution for complex wildlife cases. Call now to discuss your wild animal pest issue.

Wildlife Tip of The Week

The problem of Burmese Pythons in the USA

Believe it or not, the Burmese python doesn't belong in the United States at all, it's native to Southeast regions of Asia. It's thought that a pet may have accidentally escaped and made a bid for (clearly successful) freedom, and because of that, the eco-system is actually suffering as a result of it. Back in the 's, these Burmese beasts were first spotted in the Everglades, and twenty years later, there were so many of them that they were declared a ‘reproducing population'. They are an invasive species here toothey don't belong here. They compete with Florida's native animals for food, and because these snakes can be large and overbearing, they often win the battle. This means our native animals are on the declinecrocodiles, birds and various mammals, not only because they are in direct competition with the big snakes, but also because they are becoming prey for them too. In the importation of further Burmese pythons was banned but there are poor control methods in place so it is believed that as many as , snakes, ranging from baby to adult, could live in south Florida. We don't know the exact number because these snakes are very good at hiding and despite our best efforts, are difficult to detect.