Nationwide Animal Removal

We specialize in solving conflicts between people and unwanted pest animals. We pride ourselves in our wild animal expertise, and our customer service. Our prices are competitive.

Wildlife Animal Pest is America's largest wildlife control organization.  We service over 1700 locations!  Our professional animal removal experts focus strictly on wildlife and humane methods - no insects, no use of poisons. We operate a specialty line of work, called nuisance wildlife control.  We are trained in all aspects involved in solving conflicts between people and wild animals.  The most common problems we solve include:
  • Animals in the attic, such as squirrels, rats, raccoons, or bats
  • Animals digging holes, such as groundhogs, skunks, moles, and more.
  • General wildlife trapping for an array of critter problems
  • Permanent and poison-free rodent removal from buildings
  • Keeping birds off of buildings and bats out of buildings
  • Dangerous animal removal including snake removal
  • Removal of dead animals and odor control
We are fully licensed and insured, and ready to solve your wild animal problem today!  Give us a call so we can remove your pest animal today.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Each of our 1700 branches answers the phone personally - no big call centers. When you call to discuss your wildlife problem, our field tech will understand your issue and be able to discuss pricing matters and schedule an appointment, usually within a day, or even same-day for animal emergencies. We offer complete solutions, start to finish. Certain wildlife removal jobs require several steps, such as home inspections and animal damage repairs. Each of our wildlife control operators offers:

  • Fast service and same-day appointments
  • Full house and attic inspections
  • Wildlife damage repair and prevention
  • Animal waste cleanup and attic restoration
  • Free price estimates.